Relaunch von Mt. Gox verzögert sich Update#1

Der für heute geplante Relaunch der Mt. Gox Website verzögert sich um weitere 24 Stunden. Mtgox öffnet die Tore voraussichtlich am 25.06.2011 04:00 Uhr deutscher Zeit, der Handel sollte  um ca 05:00 Uhr wieder möglich sein!


[Update June 24 – 02:39 GMT] Postponing the Relaunch 24 hours.

We’re seeing that the amount of claims that need review is much higher than what we had anticipated, and consequently it is taking us considerably more time to process the claims.

We want to be as accurate as possible when approving claim forms to ensure accounts are issued back to the original account holders, so we humbly ask for continued patience while we work through the outstanding claims. If we were to stick to the launch time of 3:00 GMT the majority of accounts will still not have access to Mt.Gox at the reopening. We want to ensure as many users as possible have equal access when we are ready to open the site again.

Email confirmation and rejections have started going out. If you received a „rejection“ email, please go through the claim process again at and add additional account information such as the account numbers of the services you used to deposit along with the amounts.

We understand many of you are eager to get access to your account, and we are doing our best to ensure this happens as quickly and with as much confidence as possible.

We will relaunch the site on June 25 at 3:00 GMT. Trading will resume at 4:00 GMT (same day).

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we are look forward to getting through the claims and continue trading as soon as possible.


Relaunch um weitere Stunden verschoben, Start voraussichtlich 25.06.2011 ca. 15:00 Uhr.


[Update June 24 – 02:56 GMT] Pushing until 15:00 GMT.

We have found that balances on some older accounts look significantly incorrect when compared with the old database. At this time we do not know what caused the balances to be off, or how many of the older accounts are affected. We haven’t touched the old backend or database, so we’re going to import the accounts again once we have found what caused the off-balances.

No money is lost, we still have the records of all transactions that happened prior to the bitcoin sell-off. All funds deposited are still in our bank accounts, and we’re going to try and get this resolved by 15:00 GMT.

We look forward to getting everyone trading within an hour of getting users logged in and accessing their accounts.

You can check your own balance using our status tool.

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