Mt. Gox Euro Transfer – voraussichtlich bis 5. August nicht verfügbar

Update zur Mt. Gox SEPA Problematik.
Es wird vorerst weiterhin nicht möglich sein SEPA Überweisungen auszuführen. Mt. Gox gibt an, dass SEPA Transaktionen voraussichtlich bis frühestens 5. August nicht ausgeführt werden können. Als Alternative wird AurumXchange angeboten – dem Mt. Gox Konto kann Guthaben auf einen „Gutschein“ entnommen werden, dieser kann wiederum auf AurumXchange eingelöst und ausbezahlt werden.

posted this on Jul-27 15:40
Last week we announced that we were running into an authorization ceiling at the branch level with our newly assigned bank SG, and that we were expecting to hear back from SG with news that our accounts were setup by July 21st.

However, SG has refused to authorize our account and has pushed our case back to the French Central Bank (Banque de France: BDF). According to the French law, we are guaranteed a bank account, so we were reassigned by the BDF to our original bank (CIC). On one hand, this is favorable news as our payment systems are already configured to work with CIC. On the other hand, we will be back to the same daily/monthly limits that were holding us back the last time we banked with them. We were given the expectation that this should have been all signed off and over with last week, but we have now been advised that the French Central Bank forgot to send the letter to CIC and consequently we’ve been left waiting (the letter was sent on Monday).

Knowing that CIC is more than likely going to give some push back when asked to reopen the account, we are now expecting that SEPA transactions will continue to be unavailable until at least August 5th. In the interim, AurumXchange is available to accept Mt.Gox vouchers and is able to send them via a SEPA transfer.

We have also been working on some other solutions to this problem, but having our bank account reopened with CIC seems like it will be the most timely. Just know we’ve got a contingency plan or two should we continue to have trouble with CIC.

We sincerely thank our European customers for their patience and understanding as we work to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Should you urgently require your funds in your bank account. Please consider this as an alternative for withdrawal.

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